Monday, July 9, 2012

Favorite new material


I purchased a new item, that claimed to be printable fabric with an inkjet printer. I bought it with intentions of ironing a design onto a piece of stretched canvas. The printing came out great. I let it dry for 24 hours only because I was at work.
You peel off the backing and rinse off the fabric for about 30 sec. Dry with paper towel and iron flat. Was hoping once ironed it would be able to adhere to the canvas, but no such luck. The fabric sheet has no adhession.
Will have to adjust the project a bit, but love the idea of printable fabric. I wish I knew about it before printing menus for a bride on tea bag dyed fabric, that was huge pain. (see the EVENT Tab to see what I am talking about)

Can't wait for the next project idea to use the printable fabric again!

Beginning phase of my creative Artwork. Listing all the
places Mike and I have vistied together.

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