Sunday, September 23, 2012


We all know the proper gift for a wedding is money, in hopes of helping the new bride and groom pay for their big day that they graciously invited you to attend.

It easy to pick up a card, write out a check or stop by the ATM and get some cash. But as a guest to an upcoming wedding for one lovely lady that has always been the person to crack me up, she is super out going and just really loves life to the fullest, I knew a plan card wasn't going to be enough.

I did some research on money origami, practiced a few different ones and after cashing out at the bank with a bunch of $5 and $10, I came up with this fun flower bouquet display to wrap up in a pretty box with a bow to give to the new Bride and Groom.

Who doesnt love a guy who can bring you
flowers to show his love!
I am sure at some point she will be cursing, with all the twist ties that hold the flowers together but I know her well enough to know she will be laughing her a** off the whole time.
Happy Wedding Day to Gen and Tim!!! 09/23/12

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