Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WE MOVED!! Cards

My sister and future Brother-in-Law just moved into their new house in Ellington, CT. She asked that I create a note card to let friends and family know that they have officially changed their address.

Katie wanted to use a moving box as an idea to create the note card with the new address. In my mind, wasn't sure what I was going to do to make that all work out.

So with a few sheets of label paper to print duct tape on and use it to seal the 'box' shut and print out the Fragile sticker, some brown recycle cardstock and some creativity. Ta-Da!!

We came up with a one-of a kind card design that her family and friends will love.

Outside of the box, peel back the duct-tape printed label.

Inside the box, ghosted pots and pans behind the address

Katie and Matt decided to include an invitation for some of the address change recipients to a House Warming Party, what a better way to work with the Moving Box theme...than a Moving To-Do List. Printed on a simple piece of cardstock, placed inside the box...what a fun way to announce the big move!

Fun way to invite your family and friends to a party!

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