I know after creating many handmade items for our wedding, though I am trying to reuse as many things as possible, it is hard to find a secondary use for a bunch of the items. So instead of letting them sit in boxes, we need to clean up space. So I will post the items on here and see if there are any takers. Comment if you are interested.

I just love elements with nautical detail and decided that my wedding colors were to be navy blue and a grassy green and bought everything possible that would match the color scheme. So much that now I am not sure what to do with it all and am sure there are people out there that could put some of it to good use. If you are itnerested in any of them, please email me at
Prices are negotiable!

An assortment of pails and buckets that were use
at our candy table buffet. All pieces for $15 includes shipping.
There are navy and green cupcake flags, that were never used to
decorate sweets for your next event.

Paper lanterns, ranging in size and colors, some were never used.
13 pieces in total for $20 includes shipping.

Glass votives - 30 of which were never used.
$35 includes candles and shipping

The candles that were used, were fancied up with two layers of
ribbon and if they suit your color pallet, I have about 12 of those
for $10 includes shipping. (melted candle)

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