Wedding Crafts all Wrapped-In One

Picking through the boxes of all the misc. left over pieces from the wedding, its so hard to throw any of it away. I made sure to take photos of everything and combine it will some that were taking at the wedding and now will figure out a way to funky way to 'display' the collage I have started.

Will have to put on my Craft Cap to come up with a fun way to cherish this collage and depart from keeping all the misc. things in boxes in my garage, well maybe I will keep a few :)


One of the first wedding projects that I needed to really put thought into was the invitation. I really wanted our guests to get a glimpse of the theme and colors of our special day. I knew I wanted to introduce the life preserver, as that was a constant detail that was sen throughout the other wedding details. The striped Navy and White pattern was an easy detail to incorporate from the belly band to the top border on all the inserts. The life preserver added a nice element to the packet, but was a little trickier. The belly band preserver was a white plastic washer that I had painted on the green sections and mounted it on the white cardstock with a matching green border.
On the invitation itself, my sister Katie used her Cricket Machine to cut rings out of white cardstock, with some glue dots and green ribbon, voila...a raised life preserver on the invitation! Anyone can print a life preserver, but to have it applied to the invite, was a nice added detail.

A twist on your typical RSVP card, I took a photo that we took on a visit to our wedding venue, dropped it behind some white wording, created a post card type layout for the back side and instantly had a clever one-of-a-kind Post card RSVP. Worked out perfect and saved money for less postage and not having to purchase RSVP envelopes, win win!


Lemonade Stand

Assuming that the outdoor temperature at the beach was going to be hot and finding out that the wedding venue wanted to charge me $300 for some ice water and lemonade, I took it upon myself with help from family to get two beverage dispensers to use to whip up some homemade yummy lemonade with lemon slices and some refreshing ice water and lime slices. Both were set near the walking path down to the water where the ceremony was to take place for our guests to enjoy.
I made a sign that hung on a Shepard’s hook ($4.99, Christmas Tree Shop) next to the table in hopes of attracting guests to help themselves. I purchased two blank plans of bass wood ($3.99, Joann's) sanded them down and painted them white. I printed the signs on 60lb card stock purposely using techniques in Photoshop to make it appear that it had aged.
Attached the cut out card stock sign with a spray adhesive and let dry overnight. Rolled the back side of the sign in some dirt and rubbed clean, leaving a dusting of dirt in the nooks and crannies and giving an instant aged appearance. Drilled holes tied some twine in between the two signs and quickly had a cute hanging sign for the Lemonade 'Stand'. All for less than $15.

Handmade Nautical Napkin Rings

With inexpensive roping found in the curtain/ upholstery section of Joann's (about $1.25 a yard)
and some Mod Podge stiffener, it was an easy project to dress up the navy blue napkins for each of our guests. I used a silicone tube that we happened to have in the house for the form that ended up being the perfect radius for the napkin to slide right in.

Cut down the rope to the necessary length, dipped it in the Mod Podge that I had poured into a shallow bowl, wrapped it into the square knot and let it sit usually overnight and ta-da, a simple way to dress up any table scape.


Wedding Centerpieces

I had a vision of how I wanted my wedding centerpieces to be without any flowers. Something nautical that just fit with the beach venue. I played with many ideas and one day it just hit me...A dock with a post and everything.
I created a rendering using Google Sketch-up and handed it off to my father, the handy man.

We started aging the wood outside back in September to really give it that rustic feel as you would typical see at a marina. We de-barked fallen tree limbs, sanded, painted, everything to make the centerpieces look as realistic as possible. Dad was able to get used pallets to use for the decking part, which worked perfectly. It was definatly a process, but so worth it, they came out better than I imagined. Many folks at the wedding were very impressed that they were all handmade.
 The decking worked very well as the location to put all the misc. items you have at a dinner table. Candles, table number, menu (not shown) and come in handy for the salt and pepper shaker, butter dish and cream and sugar...etc.

The life preserver was handmade by my mom, who used foam with mod podge and green ribbon that matched our wedding theme. As you see more projects you will see the life preserver as an element that intertwined throughout the wedding details.


Dessert Tags

My sister has some amazing baking skills (check her out 'Sugar High Bakery' on FB) and she created a beautiful and delicious late night dessert table for our wedding. She had mini cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, buttercream candies...yum yum. Along with an assortment of candies we purchased all playing off the color scheme of navy and green, it was a huge hit.

We wanted guests to be able to take the sweets home, so I designed little travel boxes and bags for them to help themselves to whatever sweets they were craving.

Purchased 100 white gift boxes 4"x4"x4" ranged about $0.16 each
100 clear bags 4"x6" $0.11 a piece
10 pack of 2" circle labels (Staples, Walmart...etc) about $12-15
10 pacl of 8 1/2"x11" full label sheets $12-15



Wedding Place Card - Post Card

Our wedding was right on the beach in Madison, CT and for quite a few guests, it really was a destination wedding. Memorial Day is a great day to be on the beach with family and friends and to kick off the summer.
What is one thing most people do when they are away on vacation...send post cards to family and friends. So with that concept, I created our place cards. Each table had a different photo background of locations that Mike and I have travelled to and on the back side was a nice little thank you note to our guests for coming to our wedding...and since we needed to have some sort of marking for the servers to know which food each guests ordered, so we used a handmade stamp that depicted a blue chicken or red cow, a yellow fish or green broccoli, for the different food options.

Simple Idea, that turned out great!

Two deep picture frames were used to create a shallow sand box
to hold all the place cards, along with shells and sea glass,
it worked out great. And now I have a great frame to use
around the house someone.


Wedding Projects - simple ways I showed off my Crafty-Side

Our wedding set on the shoreline in CT this past Memorial day. My main goal was to hand make everything possible to save money and really put our personality into our special day. WIth the wedding location on the beach, it made the most sense to design with nautical details and a color palatte of Navy Blues and Grassy Greens. You will see a thread of life preservers and navy blue with white stripped patterns weaved throughout the projects.

I will introduce the projects that I took on with some help from family and friends and what the costs and the time it took into creating them. Projects ranged from adding a simple layered ribbon look to plain glass votive candle holders, simple rope with a stiffener that created nautical napkin rings and simple glass bottles that showed off table numbers and maps to play off the 'Message in a Bottle' idea.
The view of our wedding venue - Cloudy Day


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