Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Inexpensive Backsplash -

Couldn't figure out what I want to do with the backsplash, so until I can pinpoint the best look for our kitchen. I decide to paint the formica backsplash the wall color. It really makes the white cabinets POP! Its a good tide-me-over for now!

Even Harley made it into the Photo!




Well after spending all weekend and some time on Monday and Tuesday...I am happy to say that the cabinets are all back together and are sitting pretty in their new 'Stone White' attire. It was a lot of work, but as I stand in the kitchen now and see what it has done to the space, it makes me happy.

Sunlight just seems to bounce off the doors and brightens up the whole space.

Countertops are the next project, thinking a butcher block, love the idea of the contrasting wood tone against the white and will be happy to remove the formica backsplash that right now hides a huge portion of the walls that I would rather be painted the 'Flint Smoke' to really bring in the colors and begin to minimize the continuous white. Or maybe even something black...hmmmm?

New Fridge comes today and old fridge will make its way downstairs for additional food storage!'
Then onto the floors....oh boy!

After, need to put the book shelf back in over fridge, but you
get the idea.



Kitchen updating time!

Well we know that replacing all the cabinets was going to be super expensive and we weren't ready to commit fully to replacing them all. A cheaper way we found, as most know, was to paint them all. When we started the project on Saturday, we were so reved up. Doors were off, sanding began, we taped off the kitchen to keep the dust from traveling to all parts of the house and the weather was perfect to work outside, but as time the project leaked into Sunday...and now Monday, the excitment has dwindled.

We thought before sanding that we would try to use a paint stripper, in hopes that it would be a quicker process. When the stripper was removed, we found beautiful wood behind the extra thick black paint, unfortunately the trim detail pieces weren't the same wood type and the stripper didnt work so well on the trim, so there went that idea!

Well here it is Tuesday and about 80% of painting is done and cabinets are full and reorganized!
 Stayed tuned for updates on progress, all before the new refrigerator arrives tomorrow. NO Pressure!

Stripper revealed a beautiful wood tone.
All sanded and ready for paint!

You don't realize how many cabinets you have until
you have to sand and paint them. ARGH!
Kitchen starting to look better already, now that we are
taking off the 'Putty" and Black paint
Well first coat of paint on the frames
and adding the wall color behind
the open shelves, gives it a nice finish.

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