Friday, June 29, 2012

TIP of the DAY - 06/29/12

Pinterest Lovers
Help out your event photographer by giving them not only a list of desired photos that you would like taken. Why not use technology and create a board that you can pin some of your photo inspirations and send it to your photographer. Its obvious that photographers are visual people, so a 'photo album' may be more useful than a typed out wish list.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project One - Materials and Cost

Well after about an hour of looking through fabrics at JoAnn's I came across this vibrant white swirl on green indoor/outdoor fabric. Picked up some white spray paint to cover the country blue paint on the bench. The fabric was on sale and with the "pricey" cost of the grean foam in which I was hoping to use, I decided to get 1/4" medium batting to use for the cushion padding instead. The width of the  batting allowed me  to fold it over a few times and create enough softness for a simple cushion.

Cost of Project :
Fabric - $18.89 for 2.25 yards (have extra for a small pillow or some tie backs for the curtains)
Paint - $14.98 for two spray cans
Batting - $19.99 for a 70"x 90" roll (used 40% off coupon)
Bench - Free (came with our house)
Total - $37

Awaiting the paint to dry tomorrow, sew up the rouch edge of the cushion and Project One will be complete. Look forward to creating a cozy sitting area in the breezeway.

Paint and Fabric for the updated bench

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Updating: Project Two
I purchased this piece a long time ago, long enough that if i didnt get it out of my parents house, it was going to make its way to the fire pit. It had a beaten up padded back and bottom, which I have removed, sanded down its impurities and with some wood glue and new seat and backing, it will become the perfect reading lounge chair for my beach inspired guest room.
Project Number One:
When we bought our house back in Nov '09, the owner left a few things behind for us, a few hidden treasures and a few causing for a run to the dump. One of the treasures is this beat up, ugly sky blue bench. It's location in the breezeway, where there is a lot of light from the sliding glass doors and two small windows works perfectly as a nice seating area when its raining out and a mud room in the winter to throw off our boots and hang our winter attire to dry out.
To make the breezeway a little more inviting, we painted the dark wood paneling with a light gray paint and white trim, added a beautiful white rocking chair with a khaki seat cushion, a black shelf with hanging hooks...all a little too fancy for this bench. So I decided to give it a face lift.

Friday, June 8, 2012

First Stationary Request - Golf Theme

My first official stationary job. This creative golf themed invitation worked perfect for the Bride and Groom who practically live, eat and sleep golf. The beautiful contrast of the magenta and olive green tones offer a nice contrast against the black pocketfold.


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