Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project One - Materials and Cost

Well after about an hour of looking through fabrics at JoAnn's I came across this vibrant white swirl on green indoor/outdoor fabric. Picked up some white spray paint to cover the country blue paint on the bench. The fabric was on sale and with the "pricey" cost of the grean foam in which I was hoping to use, I decided to get 1/4" medium batting to use for the cushion padding instead. The width of the  batting allowed me  to fold it over a few times and create enough softness for a simple cushion.

Cost of Project :
Fabric - $18.89 for 2.25 yards (have extra for a small pillow or some tie backs for the curtains)
Paint - $14.98 for two spray cans
Batting - $19.99 for a 70"x 90" roll (used 40% off coupon)
Bench - Free (came with our house)
Total - $37

Awaiting the paint to dry tomorrow, sew up the rouch edge of the cushion and Project One will be complete. Look forward to creating a cozy sitting area in the breezeway.

Paint and Fabric for the updated bench

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