Right before vacation, always a great time.
Had an order for a vineyard tasting tour in Minnesota and a sample order for a wedding invitation in black and yellow off to Michigan. TALLGIRL is getting to travel all over.
A simple invitation set to invite guests to a Vineyard Tour!

Popular color combination works
well for this invite design.



Wedding Programs- DONE

Well many nights have been spent after work to create 150 wedding fan programs for my Etsy Client, Ericka. Her wedding is this Saturday (08.25.12) in North Dakota and knew I needed to put in the time to get them to her ASAP. The fans take a lot of time to create, between printing, cutting, glueing, tieing ribbon...the whole process runs about 10-12 min. a piece...overall doesn't sound too bad until you times it by 150 of them.
With all the effort I was able to get them in the mail to her this past Saturday and they were delivered quickly to her Monday morning. And she let me know she received them with this thoughtful email.
Hi Kristen,
Just wanted to let you know the package came this morning!  They look amazing :) I'm so please with how all turned out!  Also, thank you for the little note included. All the handmade touches, extra care and thought you put into the programs is really appreciated.  I loved doing business with you.  Thanks again for making the upcoming day even more special for us!

Best regards,
I enjoy knowing that something that I designed and created will have a special part in someones big day! Best wishes to the Bride and Groom!

My craft space in my dining room,
couting all the fans before shipping.


A close up to show the character
she wanted to place on the fans.





What the finish project will look similar to.
A bride reached out to me to design her wedding programs. She was attracted to the 'Fan'cy program, perfect for her outdoor wedding at the end of the month. An order that started off needing 120 fans has increased to 150. No problem...except her wedding is Aug. 25th and we leave for our honeymoon the same day. NO PRESSURE.

Well design is done and step one of the handmaking process is complete. Cutting all the wood braces for the fan.
150 - 48" long bass wood strips cut!


When I was going through a phase of going to tag sales and picking up random things to see what I could do with them, I luckily came across a bunch of old hardcover books. At the time I purchased them I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, but they were cheap and had really cool patterned designs on them. During this time my sister was looking for and buying old cigar boxes and transforming them into little hand purses. Then I got the idea...why not take these books, rip out all the pages and make a little purse. Went through a few books before I was able to figure out how to make a liner out of fabric that would hold the book together and be durable.
But when it was finally figured looked great!
Small Book Hand Purse


A simple invitation, but oh so cute. Its easy to change for a baby girl, by using pink patterened scrap book paper. It is also a good way of using some existing scraps that you may already have laying around your house in your sracp book collection. It's best to have 3 or 4 different patterns for the onesies and possibly a different one for the invitation matting frame, White card stock, twine and a brownish color paper for the clothes pins, glue and scissors. Simple, Simple!
I was able to create a onesies template myself, but I am sure you can google one and print it out and trace it onto your scrap book paper. Make sure to use a glue that dries clear, for the little pieces it is hard to hide any run off.

This one was created for the sports lover couple with a baby boy on the way. The shower host asked that there could be a direction card as well as a matching 'Thank You' card to give to the mom-to-be as a gift for her to use to thank all of the guests. It came together as a great stationary set.

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