Friday, July 6, 2012

The 'Man' Room

When the Cat is away..the mice will play!

While Mike was away for a Haz-Mat Training this past Feburary. I decided to take over his room. It was one of the only rooms in the house that hadnt been updated or painted. With the three bedrooms, we agreed one would be his to make a mess and do what he wanted with, one was mine that we use as a guest room and the other is our master bedroom.

I created a Sketch-Up model to help lay things out.
The room had a nicer wooden framed futon, an old dresser and a bunch of tubs with his misc. things he had brought from his parents house.

He is a professional Firefighter and loves it. So without making it too "themey" and painting it red or chrome, with help from my sister we introduced a calm green. (Green Tea- Behr)

3D Rendering Model - Done in Google Sketch-up before the
 project started to make sure it was all going to work out!

To cover up one of the wood armrests of the futon, I built and
upholstered a faux leather headboard. Really gives it more of
 a bed feel, rather than a futon.
With bits and pieces of his firefighter memorablia, I used
them as art pieces around the room. Sewed a maltese cross
applique onto a handmade pillow.

Inexpensive black plastic cubes were used for the night
stand. A free TV and TV stand were from friends that didnt
 want them anymore. The old dresser got a coat of black
paint and left over faux-leather from the headboard was
used to make tie-backs for the panel curtains.

It was a fun project, especially knowing it was a surprise when Mike returned home. He loved it and was completely surprised that we got it all done while he was away. Though it is still his room and it doesnt look as clean anymore. It beats the dulled ivory walls with royal blue trim.

Thanks to Katie for helping me paint and attempting to hand saw 3/4" finished grade plywood for the head board and Jared for helping us to actually cut the board to the proper size. Thank you to Caitlin for her expertise in sewing appliques to pillows!

Costs of the project were:
2 gallons of Green Tea Paint - $48
1 Gallon of white paint for trim - $23
Panel curtains - $27
picture frames - $30
Black cubes - $28
Ivory throw for bed - $38
Total just under $200

My version of 'While you were out'...COMPLETED!

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