Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We moved into our house and had this interesting gingersnap color on the walls. Interesting in the fact that some loved the colors and others hated it, myself included. I love the tones of the beach and any thing inspired by the colors of the beach, tans, blues, whites...all to be light and airy.

We played with three different colors of blue and it was a fun battle with Mike each time having to repaint and purchase more paint.

The before color - dark and boring

The first blue option was too much, so we tried
add a lighter color on top.
This color reminded me of the Smurfs, so thats a no.

With the perfect light blue/gray paint, a new China Cabinet and curtains with rods from Ikea and the beginings of introducing a shock of pink color into the pallet, really love the room. So much that we actually sit in here to eat dinner instead of infront of the TV in the living room.

Simple items here from Ikea,
the china cabinet, about $200
curtain panels and rods just about $60
paint assortment of color about $80 to we picked the right color
everything else was either a gift or something we previously owned.

It really great place to have a small dinner party or buffet
style gathering for family and friends

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