Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Our wedding location turned out to be a destination for a few of our guests and were able to find accomodations for them close by. As a welcome treat upon their arrival, I created a venue logo, which was a map playfully showing the wedding ceremony location. Printed it onto an Iron-On Transfer and then ironed them on inexpensive tote bags.

*NOTE: Using the fabric transfer gives the pillow a softer feel and more flexible. for $1.50 each
and pack of iron-ons for $14 

 Then we filled each one with waters, granola bars, snacks, playing cards, etc. A note was attached about the weekend events and locations of places around town that they may be interested in checking out during their visit. Overall it was a nice treat to have in their rooms when they arrived.

Great keepsake for the guests to take home and use over and over.

I made sure to make extra totes incase there was a change in guest counts. I know its always good to have a reusable bag around, but not wanting to use this special bag, for just any old errands. I took the canvas bag, tucked the handles down inside. Stuffed in a throw pillow I no longer needed from the living room and ta-da..instant personal throw pillow.

I chose to use velcro, so that it can easily be taken off and washed. Sewing in snaps or stitching at the open end would work as well. Without cutting off the straps, if I ever change my mind, I can go back to using it as a bag. But for now its a nice addition to our breezeway rocking chair.

Added bonus: The bag is already sguare and perfect size for a pillow. You only end up having to sew(close) one side!

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