Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine Yellow!

I love having a fireplace mantel in our living room. It is very easy to change out accent pieces and make it a colorful and decorative focal point in the room. Whether it has stockings hung during Christmas, or some Valentine Flowers, it is always changing.

Since we are changing out the dark reds in the living room, why not introduce that color on the mantel? With simple 3x6 candle holders (Dollar Store) reused from our wedding and the sunshine yellow candles I ordered online for about $5 a piece, a bouquet of silk yellow flowers on sale for less than $10 and a teal glass bottle for $4.99...TA-DA, instant 'face-lift' for about $30.

Now I am thinking maybe changing out the vacation photos we have hanging,to something a little more vibrant...what shall it be?

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